Eve Thomas

User Generated Content Creator

About me

I am a 25 year old social media manager and photographer currently living in Christchurch New Zealand. I love all things content, I am always the girl with her phone out taking pictures and videos.

I found a love for this through my own social media channels, worked with a couple of brands and absolutely loved the process of creating the content.

I have done a-lot of things in my short 24 years including, a Bachelor with honours and a Master degree in Plant Science in which I finished this year. I have milked cows, farmed sheep and cattle, I have worked in a cafe as a baker and barista, I have been on TV- Masterchef NZ and now I create content and manage social media accounts for a living. My fiance and I have just brought our first home so we are loving the homeware content at the moment.

I hope to one day own a business that incorporates all parts of social media under one umbrella but for now its just me, my camera and my laptop!

My hobbies include TRAVEL, beauty, fashion, FOOD, health/fitness and all things homeware. These are the niches I hope to start making content in!

Why UGC?

User Generated Content is original and authentically created content made by creators/consumers for brands to put on their socials and use for marketing purposes.

  • This type of content creates a sense of Credibility and Authenticity within the brand
  • Provides a sense of Community
  • Relatable content made by everyday people increases traffic and improves Conversation.
  • It can be a very Cost-effective way for brands to market their products.
  • It brings in Diversity through different ranges of perspective which can help broaden your audience and appeal to a wider range of people

As a Creator

My goal is to help every brand achieve authentic reach, brand exposure and captivating content for a wide range of viewers. In today's highly competitive digital space, it's important for online businesses to authentically show relatable content to capture the viewers attention and increase brand exposure.


As a Photographer I personally aim for aesthetically pleasing shots, matching the branding and creating beautiful imagery. All pictures throughout this portfolio are mine.

Sunday Ritual

Sunday Ritual is a skincare brand based in New Zealand. I currently create UGC content on a regular basis for this brand for their social media channels-mainly instagram. I also create imagery, these pictures are examples from a recent shoot.

The brief was block colours that suit the branding- pinks, purples, clean whites and blues. I also decided to do a couple of lifestyle shots using the products in the bath which the client loved!

Arby and Opal

This is a lifestyle brand that specialises in tracksuits, based in Auckland New Zealand. Renee has employed me on two occasions to create content with some of her items.

Ecosa NZ

Voice over unboxing video showing the key features of the mattress. Making the video relatable by showing how easy it is to set up in a difficult house with stairs and narrow hallway. Showing that an athlete choses to sleep on it so it will be a good mattress for most people.

Water Cliff

Water Cliff is a Canopy Camping Escape I recently was employed by to get content. I love getting content that captures the unique beauty of each stay. This one has a beautiful outlook onto a bush face and outdoor bath, it also had a waterfall on site. we stayed in the nest which is every romantics dream.

Sunday Ritual UGC

Face mask from fridge

Wake your skin up by using face masks from the fridge!

Propolis serum

Aesthetic video that meaningful text can be placed over, or just left on its own.

Snail Mucin

Explaining the benefits of using this product. This product is suggested to tap it onto the skin hence the sound- making skincare fun!

Sunday Ritual UGC


Choose my sunblock with me, information about three popular items and how they apply to the skin.


Voice over video, explaining the product and some facts about what it can do for the skin.

3 products used together

Using products for a wake up routine and showing the order they are used. Using a hook question to get people interested!

Unboxing new jewellery with voice over

Pamu Jewllery

Stack my bracelets with me

ASMR unboxing

Showcasing the two different ways the earrings can be worn


Talking to camera about the product, then showing the tanning routine and explaining facts about the product


GRWM to go out for dinner styling my Pamu jewellery!

Sole Shoes UGC

Sole Shoes

How to style their thigh high leather boots.

Sole Shoes

Showcasing one of their winter boots and showing the shopping experience while providing information

Little white book How I use this book to plan my wedding

Forget me not Journals UGC

Jeuneora Skin

This content was made as part of their marketing campaign to promote their sleep hot chocolate. This video was used as part of their ads strategy and they loved it.

Brands I work/have worked with


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